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Our minimum order quantity is three bottles. You can increase your order by multiples of 3 or 6 thereafter. Please bare in mind that the more bottles you order, the better value the courier cost is. You can have three or more of the same vintage, or mix different wines.

The Wine Cellar

Many of the wines described and presented in the shop can be laid down for between ten and 20 years. You could easily start you own wine cellar collection.

The Three Sources

3 Sources White

Three Sources White

Buttery and floral, beautifully rounded and fat

3 Sources Red Wine

Three Sources Red

Notes of cherry, strawberry and fresh raspberry


Three Sources Rosé

Blushing pink with a delicate red fruit bloom

From the exceptional 2019 harvest, we have curated a trio of beautiful wines, one of which is a Gold Medal Winner. We call this cluster The Three Sources and is available  in white, red and rosé. This reflects the three natural water sources on the vineyard that help to irrigate the land and develop healthy grapes.

If you look at the label, you will see the shape of a key. This is an exact replica of the same key that has been handed down through five generations of master winemakers. It opens the huge wooden doors that lead to our wine making casks and vats. We call it The Cave because the centuries old thick walls maintain a consistent cool temperature.

This is where the wine alchemy takes place.

signum copie


A rich spice bouquet with dark chocolate notes

chardonnay prestige

Chardonnay Prestige

Beguiling scents of coconut, vanilla and banana

terre de quarante

Terre De Quarante

Layered with black peppercorns, cinnamon and vanilla

carignan centenaire

1900 La Centenair

Rich in tannins with luxurious deep cherry notes

cabernet sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon

Shot through with purple hues with hints of liquorice


L'Hydre du Lac

Powerful, rounded and full bodied with flashes of brilliance.

Dessert Wines

Muscat de Rivesaltes

A shimmering white-gold appearance, citrussy and clean

ambré 2013


Notes of brandy and burnt orange, pistachio and gingerbread

tuilé (1)

Rivesaltes Tuile

Candied fruit with hints of caramel and figs