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This outstanding sweet wine is neither white or red, nor is it rose, it is amber. Really it is. Developed from 100 per cent Muscat d’ Alexandrie grapes, this wine belongs to our 2003 vintage and is left to mature and reach the pinnacle of perfection in oak barrels for seven years.

This is a power-packed sweet wine that effortlessly supports a combination of flavours and aromas.

You will experience notes of brandy and burnt orange. These will give way to a cornucopia of flavours including gingerbread, oranges and pistachio. Ever so slightly woody, our Muscat d‘Alexandrie Ambre also yields aromas of toffee and vanilla pods.

Try it before a meal or team it with blue cheese or a crisp, fresh fruit salad.

Or for an experience that is decidedly adult, pair this alluringly deep sweet wine with high cocoa content dark chocolate. Oh, my word!

Ambre can be enjoyed now or laid down for ten years.

A few notable numbers

Grape variety: 100 per cent Muscat d’ Alexandrie

Alcohol percentage 17 per cent

Vintage 2003

Status: 100 per cent Organic

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