A Vineyard Steeped in History

Deep within the South of France, nestling against the Spanish border on one side and the dramatic, artist-inspiring Mediterranean coast on the other lies Rousillon, one of the finest wine-producing regions in the whole of France.

A near perfect combination of vine growing conditions, long, baking summers, a little rain and a constant cooling breeze, produces the ideal natural environment for superb wine-making. In turn these conditions encourage the growth of fat, healthy grapes that have made this region a by-word for outstanding wine.

This is an ancient landscape, imbued with mystery and legend. From Biblical mysteries to Knights Templars, this land conceals its secrets well. Here, almost within touching distance of Spain lies Chateau Nadal the only certified,-

Organic, gold-medal winning, and family owned in the whole of Rousillon. 

Chateau Nadal Hainuat rests directly on the site of a 12th Century Cistercian monastery, where the monks made their own wines over a 800 years ago. Now, you can try Chateau Nadal Hainaut wines for yourself. Quite literally from the Chateau to your door.

For five generations, the Nadal family has tended these precious vines, lovingly cultivating their fruit, harvesting the grapes and producing 100 per cent Organic, gold-medal winning wines that have an enviable reputation even among other Rousillon wine makers. Wines that are now available to you at home sent directly from Chateau Nadal Hainaut.

The Family - Their Legacy

The vineyard has been under the stewardship of the Nadal-Hainaut family for the last five generations where they have lovingly tended and nurtured the vines on their beautiful 130-acre estate.

The current fifth generation Master Winemaker  is Jean-Marie Nadal, who, together with his wife, Martine have spent their lives working harmoniously with nature, encouraging bio-diversity and producing a range of desirable beautifully balanced Organic wines.

The three daughters, Julie, Marie-Luce and Pauline Nadal, work very cloesly with their Father to produce the wine from beginning to end. Each one of them grew-up steeped in the science and art of winemaking on the Chateau.

The Nadal family is ‘hands on’ working in the vineyard – tending to the vines, pressing, bottling and distributing their precious bottles.

And this passion for making the best wines possible shines through. Go to a café, bar, club, beach bar in and around Perpignan and you are likely to encounter a Chateau Nadal-Hainaut wine. Such is the popularity and respect this small, exclusive vineyard has.

In 1900, to celebrate the marriage between Francois Nadal and Therese Hainaut a new vine was planted on the estate producing a type of grape called Carignan. It is still producing luscious, tightly packed bunches of grapes today,120 years later.

A testament to the love, the care, the passion, the art, the science and the accumulated knowledge passed down through generations of skilled winemakers.

You will never have tasted wines like these. It’s a secret that you will want to keep to yourself, but you won’t be able to resist sharing.

Today, the Nadal family cultivates ten Organic grape varieties: Macabeu, Carignan, Chardonnay, Muscat Petit Grain, Muscat d’ Alexandrie, Grenache Noir, Grenache Gris, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.

Wines in the Nadal portfolio include white, red, rosé and fortified.

Wines from Chateau Nadal Hainaut have an international reputation, scooping-up medal after medal in prestigious international wine competitions.

Just imagine. Your wines are judged to be the best from a region famed for the outstanding vintages it produces year in and year out. That's no small achievement.

Over the last ten years, the family has garnered over fifty, fiercely fought-over medals. Certified Organic status is very hard to achieve. And it is very hard to maintain. Chateau Nadal has held its Organic certification for each of the last ten years and are actively using sustainable wine making methods. Huge amounts of time and resource are devoted to keeping this ancient land and its vines in optimum condition and health.